Back in 1994, I decided to pursue genealogy because I had a bachelor's degree and most of a master's degree in history, but had nothing to do with my training (I changed career tracks due to lack of jobs in my chosen area). Little did I know my avocation would one day become a vocation, and I would work in my chosen field after all! I went professional in 2011, and have enjoyed working with many people on a variety of genealogical problems.

My own family tree's roots are primarily in New York State, with lines going back into the earliest days of Dutch settlement. The vast majority of my family is old New England colonial roots in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. 

I am a member in good standing of the Association for Professional Genealogists (http://www.apgen.org) and follow their Code of Ethics and Professional Practices. You can see my APGEN membership directory profile here


I am also member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Irondequoit NY (Susan B. Anthony) Chapter, and am in the process of applying as a member to the General Society of Mayflower Descendants. In addition to my own lineage paperwork, I have assisted many applicants to the DAR and wrote a successful application for someone else prior to completing my own!

I have written several articles for Family Chronicle/Your Genealogy Today magazine, and have assisted with genealogical research and appeared on The Travel Channel's THE DEAD FILES. I am currently working on a genealogy research book in conjunction with the Seventh-Day Baptist Church.


I specialize in New York State genealogy, with all its challenges. As I like to say, you can't think outside the box when researching in New York -- most of the time, you aren't even given a box!


I am located in Western New York and thus have specializations in Genesee, Monroe, Livingston, and Ontario counties. I have extensive experience with Genesee County in particular.

In addition, I have deep family roots and professional connections in Jefferson and Oswego counties, and have regular reasons to travel there on family business. 

I do not have particular expertise in adoption, DNA research, or recent immigration ancestry. Those cases will be referred elsewhere.

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